EQ In Defense of Health – Whistle Version

This mission starts with a NPC in Demiplane of life

Follow the red path or use Find button on the map to reach her


If you followed the map correctly you should be standing in front of

Kerath NPC

Hail Kerath and use Keyword private then job then still interested.

This mission is a classic Heroic adventure and depending on your class/ play style you might need a full group.

This is one of the missions you have to complete 6 times. For variety, the task steps can change.

This walk through is for

  • Speak to Lashun Novashine
  • Kill the puslings attempting to infect the Plane of Health 0/12
  • Kill the invading Minions of Decay 0/8
  • Summon Winged Defenders of Health to assist with Virulent Brutes 0/5
  • Return the whistle to Lashun Novashine 0/1
  • Open the Chest 0/1

The zone is the crystal in Demiplane of Life. Click Adventure.

Lashun Novashine has been moved around since beta and currently stands right in front of you when you zone in. THANK YOU EQ BETA TESTERS!

Hailing Lashun will provide your character a


Update – It has been reported that each member of the group gets 1 whistle each upon hailing Lashun Novashine.

You have to kill the 12 undead mobs  that are over Lashun’s right shoulder.

The mobs are level 105 and con white but all my calm spells had no affect.

The mobs are social so so form of puller / CC is needed or very careful pulling can work

The three on the right are single pullable. Right. Left . Then Last one.

The two in front of the steps come as a pair.

Kill them then kill the two closest to you on the  left.

The three down the hill can  be split by pulling the left mob, two will come.

Clean up the last one and then the far left there is two to dispatch.

You should have killed 12 mobs and gotten a task update which locks the task to adding players.

You will see more mobs at the ramp. They are the wrong type and do not need to be killed.

kill 8

Head towards the Demiplane of life zone and the outer ring of Plane of health.


Mobs with the name invader at the end will give a task update. Run around and pick off the solo ones or  run to this location marked in red on the map

invader locations

You should see a field of mobs. Kill your required number. All were easy pulls.

Head to the brute area marked in red on the map.

Brutes loc

This is where using  the whistle comes in.

When engaging the Virulent Brutes, you target the mob and right click the whistle and it summons three winged defenders for each click to help tank or DPS the mob. Each whistle has 10 clicks.

Kill 5 Brutes for the update.


3 winged

Head back to Lashun Novashine.. he wants his whistle back.

Give him the whistle.

/Open the chest