EQ In Defense of Health – Salve Version

This task starts in Demiplane of Life

Once there follow the map to the quest giverkerath

If you followed the map correctly you should see

Kerath NPC

Hail her and use keyword private then use key word job then keyword still interested.

This mission is a classic Heroic adventure and depending on your class/ play style you might need a full group.

This is one of the missions you have to complete 6 times. For variety, the task steps can change.

Zone in at the crystal port to Plane of Health. Hit adventure.

This version of the mission is

  • Speak to Lashun Novashine
  • Rescue the injured overseers 0/4
  • Destroy the invader’s weapons 0/5
  • Push back the assaulting invaders 0/8
  • Return the vial to Lashun Novashine 0/1
  • Open the chest

Immediately to your left  if you face Lashun you will see an injured overseers and a mob standing by him. Kill the mob/mobs

Once you cleared a safe area around the seer you target the

injured seer and right click the


This heals the seer and you get a task update.

The overseers are in the red circled area.

overseers locs

Make your way through the field of mobs by killing them and healing the injured seers as you go.

Once you heal all four overseers the task locks and you can not add more players.

You will have a few mobs left to clear as you make your way to the gateway.

When you stand in it you will see

weapons racks

The weapons racks are all outside the gated area. Clear the mobs guarding the weapons. Target the rack and type /open for the update

The three pack of mobs were not able to be split when we tried. We ended up having to use two healers with a merc tanking.

Upon destroying the weapons racks you get to kill invaders.

Chance for named to spawn happens at this step. We got Vomitous to pop


He had a frontal and rear cone projectile vomit… so stand at his sides.

Putrid ring

Back to the task….

Any mob with a invader tag gives credit. They are in the path to your left or west after the weapon racks

invaders for salve.jpg

After you kill your 8 mobs you will have to return the vial of salve to Lashun Novashine.

win chest

A chest will pop and you can /open it and if its the first time you ran the mission you get Lesser Health Spirit plus the standard 4 AA reward.

lesser health

See you on the next task