EQ We Make Our Own Rewards – Statuettes Version

This mission is a classic Heroic adventure and depending on your class/ play style you might need a full group.

This is one of the missions you have to complete 6 times. For variety, the task steps can change.

This task starts in Plane of Health with quest giver Tarl Punox

He is just off the main platform where you zone in at.

tarl location

You should now see

Tarl Punox

Hail him and use keyword business then interested then interesting things.

This version of the mission’s task steps are.

  • Zone into Demiplane of Life
  • Loot Statuettes the Mayor’s Office 0/1
  • Loot Decorations from the big housing building 0/4
  • Loot Gemstones from the underground theater 0/3
  • Deliver 1 an odd local statuette to Tarl Punox 0/1
  • Deliver 4 A native decoration to Tarl Punox 0/4
  • Deliver 3 A Unique Gemstone to Tarl Punox 0/3
  • Kill the guard threatening Tarl 0/1
  • Open the Chest 0/1

Head to the crypt to zone into Demiplane of Life. Upon click you should see this

Heroic adventure pop up

Hit adventure.

You will zone into a instance of Demiplane of life.

Kill the mobs around the mayors office for the first drop

Head north west to the housing area for the second drops

Head down the wooden bridges for the third drops

Very straight forward task.