EQ We Make Our Own Rewards – Paintings Version

This mission is a classic Heroic adventure and depending on your class/ play style you might need a full group.

This is one of the missions you have to complete 6 times. For variety, the task steps can change.

This task starts in Plane of Health with quest giver Tarl Punox

He is just off the main platform where you zone in at.

tarl location

You should now see

Tarl Punox

Hail him and use keyword business then interested then interesting things.

This version of the mission’s task steps are.

  • Loot Paintings from the area they call The Heights 0/5
  • Loot Official Seals from the Mayor’s Office 0/3
  • Loot Religious Tomes from the place they call the Testements 0/5

Head to the heights and kill the residents till you have five paintings



Next head to the Mayors office and kill till you get three seals.

gov seal

Head back to zone in and the wooden bridge. Follow it to the first landing. Go into the bar and make your way to the glass viewing rooms.

Kill mobs till you get your three tomes.

crusty tome

Head back to Tarl Punox and turn in your  trinkets

Tarl in instance

A named will come running at you. Kill it


/open the chest for loot.

cudgel of the stranger

See you on the next task