EQ Lxavnom Labors – Relgious Text Version

This task starts in Demiplane of Decay with Karth Punox.


Use keyword assistance to request the task.

path the crypt

Click the coffin to zone into Crypt of Decay.

Zone to crypt of decay

Task steps:

  • Gather religious texts for a special collector 0/4
  • I’ve heard there are winged avatars of Health in there. Their feathers should fetch a  fortune 0 /4
  • Speak to Mers about how it went 0/1
  • Open the chest 0/1

Click the chair to zone to the basement

Chair to basement

Kill mobs there until you get all 8 drops.

Click the pillar to zone back to the first floor.

pillar back to first floor

Turn in the 8 items to Mers Arl.

Mers Arl

/Open the chest

Fists of the stranger

See you on the next task.