EQ Fate Rewards the Bold – Vase Version

This task starts in Plane of Health with Tarl Punox

Tarl Punox

Hail him and use Keyword trinkets

Zone to Demiplane of Life

Zone to Demiplane of Decay

This mission has 6 versions.

Task steps

  • Deliver 4 Ornate Vase to Karth Punox 0/4
  • Deliver 5 Dealer’s Marker to Karth Punox 0/5
  • Deliver 5 Vial of Caustic Fluid to Karth Punox 0/5
  • Open the chest 0/1

Vases are found in the heights in the houses by killing mobs.


Since Dec 16th patch the dealers can not be attacked while in the booths you have to wait for night fall (12 am game time) for them to go to their houses.

The items  needed drop of a dealer and a spiritualist.

Kill them till you get your 5. They seem to be rare.


The caustic fluid drops off of a guktan and a pile of caustic flesh in the pit area and around the wooden ramps. They appear to be a rare drop.



decay ramps

Turn in the items to Karth and /Open the chest

peacock charm


See you on the next task